HOT TIP OF THE DAY YEAR: if youre still on google chrome, consider switching to firefox and installing the ublock origin and privacy badger addons. promise ya its easy and worthwhile.

this site is best viewed on desktop. mobile is not a priority for me ngl

i feel like my original vision for this site was kind of generic / boring as fuck so i want to revamp it (i say as if it were ever 'vamped' in the first place) to make it feel like something more actually personal to me. with a bit more style this time hopefully lol, and a few less incredibly obvious seams from my scatterbrained work style. some day i will keep the promise to myself of making this site not suck ass
somehow the last time i worked on this i put the most effort into this page. looking back on it a few months later i want to do some rewriting because i have never known once what i was talking about and several-months-ago me knew even less about jack fuck. not going into the navbar until i figure out a name for it and it isnt terrible
LOL IDIOT FORGOT ABT THEIR WEBSITE PROJECT FOR OVER A YEAR vvvv but HEY im back now. things are still going to be broken for a while long ass time because i dont remember how to do jackshit and i maintain things at an interval that could be best described as... highly intermittent but anyway. its [SEPTEMBER] 2023 already..... wild. anyway check this shit out im obsessed with this album for the last [SEVERAL MONTHS]

page under construction from 11/29/2021. i am new to coding so expect things to be broken or missing. in the near future this page should link to a small gallery of my art, a collection of my writing, and whatever the hell else i want to put on it. probably links to wikipedia articles i like or something, i don't know yet.
working mostly on the layout for the moment. making things look nice will come later when i get the patience to start sketching some stuff.

this was made before i settled on site formatting. not a permanent resident of the front page. i present you a piece of what i make. drawn 02/19/2021. white background FLASHBANG
a gryphon-like creature with 4 beady eyes, three horns, and chicken-like features with large sickle feathers on it's tail.
PAGE COURTESY OF: ME, HI. also neocities and a number of online tutorials. and bootstrap. thanks to all who make information free to the public. particular shoutout to the mozilla webdev css documents.