page under construction from 11/29/2021. i am new to coding so expect things to be broken or missing. in the near future this page should link to a small gallery of my art, a collection of my writing, and whatever the hell else i want to put on it. probably links to wikipedia articles i like or something, i don't know yet.
working mostly on the layout for the moment. making things look nice will come later when i get the patience to start sketching some stuff.

this was made before i settled on site formatting. not a permanent resident of the front page. i present you a piece of what i make. drawn 02/19/2021.
a gryphon-like creature with 4 beady eyes, three horns, and chicken-like features with large sickle feathers on it's tail.
PAGE COURTESY OF: ME, BITCH. also neocities and a number of online tutorials. and bootstrap. thanks to all who make information free to the public. particular shoutout to the mozilla webdev css documents.